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Why I like “dumpster diving for cars”

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For one thing, it’s fun. I enjoy looking for old discarded automobiles that nobody wants any more. It’s kind of like discount shopping on a larger scale. Plus, you get the sheer satisfaction of turning an ugly duckling into a swan…which is always enjoyable (kind of how nina ricci perfume and other kinds of fragrances do for their wearers).

I guess when it comes to these kinds of automobiles, I just have no fear. When I see salvage cars for sale, I tend to find the opportunity where most try to find bladder security. Sure, something can go wrong even after you fix it up…but I’d rather know what has been fixed properly by my own two hands than what some stranger “may” have fixed. Right?


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November 13, 2010 at 8:38 pm

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Damaged Car Guys To The Rescue

The most common crashed car for sale is a coupe or 4×4 which has been sold for salvage by the insurer and then priced out for the best offer available. These jalopies are crashed, due to joyriding crooks, acts of God or accident. Some of these autos have costly damage though some have surprisingly next to no issues. The main factor that mandates whether a crashed automobile is written off or taken to a certified shop for repair has to do with the coupe’s net value. Simply put, if the motorcar’s resulting value is less than the cost of professional repair, it is considered totaled and deemed a write off.

Source: fred ross lord on Flickr

There are a variety of wrecker coupes available to smart buyers. Firstly, some are marginally crashed and can be safely fixed or restored, but there’s clunkers that sincerely are a complete loss and only retain resulting value as parts automobiles or for scrap. You need to comprehend the difference in the types of cars before purchasing a crashed coupe and expecting to make a mint on it.
When assessing crashed cars for sale, it is critical to already know what type of resale you want to conduct. Detailed repairs, including those needed by serious body wreckage, are typically expensive. When acquiring a damaged coupe to sell for arbitrage profits, it is important to keep the up front and rebuild costs as low as you can. Damaged coupes have less resale resulting value than automobiles that have not been totaled or salvage titled. Costly repairs to a salvage motorcar cut into net profit margins when reselling the motorcar.
It is also important to understand the value of the crashed coupes for sale. A damaged Lexus is worth more than a crashed Hyundai Elantra. Infiniti parts are more expensive than Oldsmobile parts, which will lead to greater profits when parting the motorcar off. When in the market for wrecked cars for sale, select the model & make that seems to have the greatest potential value for the purchase price. A quality 8-cyl engine is worth many dollars more than a four-banger if the ultimate purpose is to part out the car, so paying slightly more for the jalopy with a higher potential value is logical in the long run.
Determine the realizable value of crashed and wrecked cars for sale based on the toughest to repair components. Motors, transmissions, radiators and body panels are often premium parts, even if you buy them used. Seek out automobiles that have these parts, or most of these components, in perfect shape to optimize profit. No matter if you are intending to restore or sell for parts, your auto, it needs to be in the best shape it can. The price that is being asked for the damaged automobile is the highest priority item to examine when you buy a wrecked or otherwise salvage clunker. Wrecked coupes, especially those requiring extensive repairs, should truly be sold for part of the automobile’s ultimate value in proper shape. You simply should not sink additional cash into your auto than you can get out of it if parted off. Even if the automobile is being acquired for restoration, be careful about laying out more than what you can sell it for piecemeal, due to the possibility of stumbling upon more substantial issues than first expected.

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November 13, 2010 at 8:27 pm

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