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Why I like “dumpster diving for cars”

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For one thing, it’s fun. I enjoy looking for old discarded automobiles that nobody wants any more. It’s kind of like discount shopping on a larger scale. Plus, you get the sheer satisfaction of turning an ugly duckling into a swan…which is always enjoyable (kind of how nina ricci perfume and other kinds of fragrances do for their wearers).

I guess when it comes to these kinds of automobiles, I just have no fear. When I see salvage cars for sale, I tend to find the opportunity where most try to find bladder security. Sure, something can go wrong even after you fix it up…but I’d rather know what has been fixed properly by my own two hands than what some stranger “may” have fixed. Right?


Written by haroldford

November 13, 2010 at 8:38 pm

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